BCE/DCA Project


Basic Computer Education (BCE) & Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)

Course details should be found on syllabus send by DOT MULTIMEDIA
Course duration : 6 Month’s
30 Hours (Theory) 10 Hours (Practical) for BCE Course Rest time is for DCA Course
Minimum strength : 100+ students
Per student : 1000.00/- (one time non refundable)


DCA CERTIFICATION (Course fee : Rs. 4500.00/-)
Two books ( fundamental & Ms Office)
Computer Systems
Gift for 75% Student attendance
Updated Teachers
Student Feedback Number
5% amount for college welfare fund
We are using Council Gradation For BCE Course (+2 Students Only).


DOT Institute Conduct this Program to literate all the rural area students with its own interest. We satisfy with this project because our students are eligible to get job in any IT sector. DOT provides DCA (Diploma in Computer Application) Course & Certification, which is very helpful for those students who are living under poverty. Our motto is to build a healthy educated environment across our state & country.

So please Co-operate with us to make a better future for our Students.

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Chief Excutive : DIPTI RANJAN DAS
Project Head : Chitta Ranjan Tripathy (N. Odisha)

Project Head : Rakesh Ku Dash (S. Odisha)

Project Coordinator : Chitta Ranjan Nayak
Asst. Project Coordinator : Jeevanrup Sahoo